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Sporting gear from a local Tacoma designer at his shop called 7th & Pacific. We love everything Tacoma.


 253-691-1929  |

My wife Linda and I are young people in aged bodies.  We are in constant search of new adventures and fun.


You'll find us in many places outdoors from the top of Mt. Saint Helens to walking or biking miles to find that perfect local drink and eatery in many parts of the US and other countries.

We both love fitness and you can find us teaching group exercise formats in local gyms. Fitness is fun.

5 kids, 7 grandchildren, a turtle and one diva cat, keeps us busy.

You only have one life, might as well have fun.  With age comes wisdom and patience.  ~ cheers to all that's fun.

I'm a local business based in my hometown of Tacoma.


Creating designs and advertising for several decades in the Puget Sound area and other parts of the country with occasional International projects.

Being in this industry for this long you would think I love what I'm doing.  You are correct with that thought.  I love being in the creative field, starting at an early age of watching commercials.  Fond memories of Speedy Alka Seltzer and Where's The Beef.  


I have several clients including a non-profit organization that have been with me for over 20 years.  Long relationship with my clients makes this job so much fun. We essentially become friends and go beyond just business. Service and results on advertising projects are very important to me.


I work with manufacturers, retail, restaurants, fitness and several other types of businesses.  I also work with non-profit organizations.  Either Pro-Bono or giving them many hours worth of work beyond what I am contracted to do. 

Thank you for checking out my website ... I will soon have more information and samples of my work. Reworking your own site is sometimes challenging.  


Have a super awesome day ~ Chito

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